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A Call to Action

A Call to Action

  • Stakeholders must seize the opportunity to strengthen their effectiveness and to create new growth and development in their respective domains through greater collaboration with the recreation and sport delivery system.

  • Recreation and sport delivery system partners must, more than ever, continue to ensure programming achieves its potential as a driver for personal and social development.

  • Individuals and organizations across the public policy community are compelled to inform themselves on how recreation and sport can help them serve New Brunswick’s citizens and communities better; and to explore emerging opportunities to build the relationships that will make these pathways to wellbeing a reality. To succeed, both sides must be fully engaged in the project, and must be ready, willing and able to think creatively, embrace new ideas and to take action to realize the benefits.

  • Recreation and sport delivery system partners and stakeholders are called to endorse this policy framework as a guide when developing their own policies, strategies and programs. Broad awareness and support of this policy framework is essential if it is to guide and stimulate coordinated policies and practices.

This Policy Framework recognizes and applauds the recreation and sport delivery system partners for their ongoing success in providing opportunities for New Brunswickers to participate in countless programs and experiences that support pathways to wellbeing.

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