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Building Relationships Today for Tomorrow
November 2017

New Brunswick’s Recreation and Sport Policy Framework supersedes the Sport and Recreation Policy for New Brunswick (1994). 

The development and endorsements of the Framework for Recreation in Canada and the Canadian Sport Policy signaled the need to renew the 1994 policy in order to:

  • align it with the Canadian Sport Policy 2012 and the Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015 Pathways to Wellbeing;

  • modernize and clarify the fundamental principles upon which the provincial recreation and sport system is based;

  • strengthen the understanding amongst delivery system partners and stakeholders of the varying roles and responsibilities each have;

  • help guide the further development of recreation and sport in New Brunswick;

  • heighten overall awareness that the recreation and sport delivery system exists to play a part in the achievement of key goals in a wide variety of policy fields/sectors.


A working group was struck and tasked with leading the renewal and overseeing the production of this document. The group included representatives from across the recreation and sport delivery system as well as individuals from policy fields outside the system. The policy framework, set out in these pages, reflects a consensus among many on the way forward and their aspirations for the future.

New Brunswick’s recreation and sport delivery system partners and stakeholders seek to enhance the lives of all by upholding fundamental human rights as recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the specialized human rights treaties that have followed it, such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Convention on Persons with Disabilities.

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